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Andrelton is an artist, ’14 season a fresh canvas

  • 10:43 am Thursday, February 20th, 2014 by David O'Brien
Andrelton Simmons won the NL Platinum Glove last season as the best defensive player  in the league.

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DARK STAR, Fla. – Andrelton Simmons sat at this locker this week, opening boxes of equipment shipped to him by companies that he has deals with, most notably Mizuno. He opened a big box containing three gloves, the leather tanned, smelling like really good, new leather smells.

Two gloves were noticeably smaller than the other. The two were his workout gloves, which most shortstops use to catching balls in the center, so that when they use their regular, larger gloves, it gives them that much more margin for error. Not that Simmons needs much margin or makes many errors, [More]

Braves’ new cap for spring 2014

  • 10:10 am Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 by David O'Brien

In the 40th-anniversary year of Hank Aaron’s historic 715th home run, the Braves will wear a throwback-style cap at spring training that’s similar to what “the Hammer” and the Braves wore in 1974. The cap will also be worn during regular-season batting practice and possibly for a home series.

The cap has the lower-case cursive “A” on a white background, while the bill and back half of the cap is a darker blue than what was featured on the ’70s caps. The darker blue matches the current uniform.

Cap manufacturer New Era announced the new cap Wednesday and said the Braves, White [More]