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Written off multiple times, Braves remain resolute

1:36 pm May. 22, 2017

Many pundits wrote the Braves off even before pitchers and catchers reported in February. A team in mid-rebuild, they said. More joined the “Braves remain a doormat” crowd when the team posted a majors-worst 9-22

FreddieFree loves raking at Braves’ new yard

1:59 pm May. 3, 2017

How few games have the Braves played at home so far this season? Glad you asked.

They’ve played so few games that Freddie Freeman and other Braves don’t even qualify for most home-game statistical leader categories

Sluggers Freeman, Thames headline weekend series

2:48 pm Apr. 28, 2017

MILWAUKEE – It wasn’t long ago when a majority of baseball’s best hitters played for American League teams, but we’ve seen that pendulum swing strongly to the National League lately and perhaps never more than

Braves have legit power-hitting prospect in Jackson

2:28 pm Apr. 26, 2017

When the Braves traded a couple of decent pitching prospects to the Mariners for outfielder Alex Jackson in late November, many observers wondered why. What did the Braves see in Jackson, a 2014 first-round draft

Rotation? Solid. Offense, bullpen? Problems.

2:06 pm Apr. 25, 2017

NEW YORK – It wasn’t a unanimous opinion, but the consensus over the offseason was that if you ranked the Braves’ starting rotation, bullpen  and offense by level of concern, a rotation that added baseball’s

Braves finally home, hoping to shine in the new digs

12:50 pm Apr. 14, 2017

They’ve played eight games and are fully aware they have the National League’s worst record (2-6) and won’t get a do-over, but the Braves can be excused for feeling optimistic today, almost like the season