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Top 50 albums of 2017, according to DOB

11:11 am Dec. 20, 2017

My kitchen and den-turned-makeshift-office overflow with albums and CDs this time each year during what’s become an arduous one-man task of sorting through a couple hundred records purchased in the past year, playing a majority

Former Braves employee comes to John Coppolella’s defense

11:44 am Oct. 24, 2017

Several agents, opposing general managers, Braves employees and others around baseball – almost all declining to be named – have made statements or confirmed stories lambasting former Braves general manager John Coppolella and impugning his

Embroiled in scandal, Braves must make right moves

2:56 pm Oct. 9, 2017

Do you realize it’s been 16 years since the Braves won a postseason series? Yes, sixteen years. That means they’ve gone longer without a postseason series win than the Braves’ unprecedented run of 14 consecutive

Sam Freeman thriving, credits message from Chiti

1:20 pm Sep. 20, 2017

When reliever Sam Freeman was sent to minor league camp after struggling mightily in major league spring training – we’re talking six runs allowed in one inning over two appearances —  it seemed uncertain whether